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It's not easy for me to write about Ruti because I have no idea where to start. It’s like counting the seeds of a pomegranate while they’re still inside the fruit.
There’s no doubt that meeting Ruti was one of the gifts that upgraded my growth and that of my family to a place I never thought we’d reach. Her innate ability to guide people towards growth is unlike anything familiar or ordinary. In particularly tough times when many others gave up, and I was wallowing at rock bottom, Ruti not only lifted me to a safe place using my own strength but also propelled me through several growth leaps along the way.
There were times when I didn’t understand or see what she precisely and sharply promised me lay beyond the mountain before me, but something inside knew that Ruti knew what she was talking about, and in those tough moments, I trusted her. I knew she was driven by a place free of ego but full of faith, knowledge, and recognition of the life path where we rediscover our unique creative power.
In my sessions with her, I found true solace and healing. I only wish that more people could benefit from her heart-connecting abilities so that they don't miss out on what could greatly benefit them.

Tom, 42




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