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EFT Sessions

and life transforming journeys


The EFT Method

EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique, uses gentle tapping on various acupuncture points on the face and hands. This technique facilitates profound brain reprogramming and emotional release.

The reason I embrace this method is its simplicity. Even when tackling challenging issues like anxiety or addiction, EFT provides a gentle touch that effectively terminates the old harmful conditioning we carry with us for years. 

While those emotional challenges may seem complicated to deal with, Eft doesn't argue with our stubborn brain. Instead of frustrating efforts of digging for answers, the method gracefully bypasses the defenses the brain has maintained throughout a lifetime.

The method will be very beneficial for dealing with anxiety, sexual dysfunction, anger issues, emotional instability, eating challenges and more.

Using EFT with trauma, depression, and addiction is fruitful effective and offers a hopeful horizon.

How does an EFT session work?
We start by observing what’s bothering you. We listen to the sentences that revolve around this sensitive issue and prevent you from easily moving past it. We gather these sentences, and while tapping, we state them once in their original negative and harsh form, and then again in their revised, positive form. This positive rephrasing changes the brain’s chemical encoding from stress hormone-laden patterns, which fix behavior and stifle curiosity and confidence, to new, pleasant chemical patterns that promote security, comfort, and calm. These are the first steps in unraveling old chemical tangles and opening a new chapter in the brain concerning that charged issue. Sometimes, one session brings significant relief, while other times, several sessions may be needed. An EFT session lasts about two hours.

The sessions are as effective both online and in-person, and available in English, Dutch and Hebrew.


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