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I am Ruti Shalev,

Mentor of joyful living & Happiness Teacher

I reside in Haarlem, Netherlands.

Mother to Yaara and Meira, and partner to Yaron.


I specialize in unraveling mental knots and oppressive subconscious spells that prevent you from living your life fully.

With over 25 years of experience, I guide and support individuals, couples, and groups on their journey to unconditional compassion and self acceptance.

I have chosen to pass on practical tools to release negative and weakening self-talk and to restore vital life force back to the hearts.

I teach people the way to a bold embrace of passion as a driving force for an uncompromised quality of life.

Over the years, I have supported hundreds of individuals facing trauma, addiction, sexual challenges, relationship and personal crises, parenting struggles, health issues, and more. I have witnessed the emergence of inner trust, courage, and hope, awakening people to their fundamental right to happiness, regardless of their circumstances.

In the sessions, we will devote to creating a loving and supportive inner dialogue, allowing you to recognize the human wonder that you are and to fall in love with yourself as never before.

In my work, I use among other tools, channeling, mediation, EFT, and psychedelics.

My first book, "Belly," was published by 'Carmel' in 2000. The book deals with my significant healing journey from living in the shadow of incest trauma  and includes documentation of the phases of recovery and rehabilitation.

My second book, "Act of Love," was published by 'Epublish' in 2019. It describes the working method and the vision of joyful living that I have been teaching in my clinic for 25 years. The book includes exercises and structured explanations that guide the reader towards a new possibility that supports the desire to live delightful lives of freedom and love.

Will be available in English soon.


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